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April 20th-23rd: Anniversary Bash, Rush Off-Road
presented by RACELINE WHEELS


Ultra4 USA heads to the mountains of Kentucky for the first East race of the 2023 season. This woods course will challenge racers with varied and sometimes unpredictable terrain. This event is a treat for spectators, as America Pro Rock Racing puts on a show you won't want to miss Saturday night. Rock bouncers and UTVs will run knockout hill climb races as well as a bounty hill, a display of horsepower and force that is exciting to watch.


Tickets & camping arrangements can be made directly with Rush Off-Road for this event. Click the button below to go to their website for more information.

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Ultra4 Racers - click below to register to race.

America Pro Rock racers need to contact Joey Beck directly if interested in participating (

Schedule of Events

***times subject to change***​


Wednesday, April 19

8:00AM Early Move-In available | No Pre-running

2:00PM-4:00PM Early Driver Registration


Thursday, April 20

8:00AM-4:00PM - Ultra4 USA Driver Registration

8:00AM-4:00PM - Ultra4 USA Pre-Run

8:00AM-4:00PM - Mandatory USAC safety inspection @ Merch Trailer

5:00PM - Ultra4 USA Drivers Meeting @ Merch Trailer


Friday, April 21

7:00AM-11:00AM - Ultra4 USA Qualifier

12:00PM-2:00PM – 4600 Stock Class Race (1.5 hrs + 1 lap)

3:00PM-5:00PM - 4900 UTV Class (all classes) Race (1.5 hrs + 1 lap)

6:00PM-7:00PM - Ultra4 USA 170


Saturday, April 22

10AM-12:00PM - 4500/4800 Races (1.5 hrs + 1 lap)

2:00PM-4:30PM - 4400 Race (2 hrs + 1 lap)

Race Registration includes driver park entry + 1 (co-driver, spouse, crew chief, up to you...)

Camping is included in your entry to the park. Camping areas are not reserved, but we do have 2 primary areas allocated for Ultra4 USA (see the map below). If you have a large truck and trailer setup (Semi, etc...), please reach out to so we can ensure we have space set aside for you.

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