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2023 Season Points Standings

Scroll down or click one of the buttons below to jump straight to the East, West, or National Championship points standings to date.

National Championship: You must race all 3 double point races (King of the Hammers, Visions, and Legends) and at least 2 Regional races. National Championship point calculations are your best 2 double points races + your best 2 regional point races.


Regional Championships: You must race Visions and 2 Regional races (East or West, respectively).  Regional Championship point calculations are Visions as a double point race, and your best 2 regional point races (East or West, respectively). East and West are designated on the schedule graphic.

4400 East.png
4800 East.png
4400 West.png
4800 A.png
4900 ProMod A.png
4800 B.png
4900 ProMod B.png
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